Ashley Hards


Ashley Hards did not have the privilege of growing up in Riverway, the quirky setting of Hannah Edwards. Instead, she grew up in the city of Calgary, Canada. 

Ashley was declared to be “gifted” at age 8 and was diagnosed with ADHD at age 22. When forced to sit still in class, she finds books and writing to be the most engaging, especially Shakespeare. She received both her BA and MA in English Literature from McGill University where she now teaches writing and continues her research on Shakespeare and ritual. 

Always the adrenaline lover, she enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and opera (hey, it’s exciting). Her weekends were spent driving across Alberta and hanging out at a ski hill near Pincher Creek. The vision for Riverway developed over many dark, stormy nights (without wifi or cell signal). 

Like Hannah, she enjoys journaling. Unlike Hannah, she has not solved any mysteries (yet). This is her first book.